What We Do

Krypton Structure offers civil and structural engineering services throughout the North of England.

For an informal discussion with one of our engineers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Residential, commercial or industrial, minor works or larger developments we have the expertise to meet your structural engineering requirements. We pride ourselves in our high quality and cost effective service.

Structural Design

At Krypton Structures our Engineers specialise in both modern and traditional design methods using a combination of Computer Aided Design (CAD), BIM technologies and structural analysis software. we can provide our customer with high quality, cost effective solutions.

Residential Development

We have a wide experience in superstructure design for residential developments.

  • Structural alterations and minor works for building development, renovation or change of use.
  • Foundation works, including unique and cost effective solutions for marginal-land brown-field sites.
  • Roads and drainage.
  • Calculations of beams and structures for domestic extensions.
  • Planning advice and applications.
  • Calculations for building projects.
Commercial Development

We can provide a comprehensive design service for commercial buildings.

  • Redevelopment and conversion of existing buildings.
  • Provide a comprehensive design service, ranging from the design of steel-framed industrial units through to gantries and supports for industrial processes and machinery.
  • We deal with the structural engineering aspects of educational institutions.
  • We are able to design structural alterations to accommodate the continued use of trading facilities.
  • We specialise in Civil Engineering infrastructure works. We have the capacity to design highways, retaining walls and small bridges.
Extensions & Conversions

We undertake smaller building works involving structural alterations, extensions and conversions that comply with national standards and regulations.

At Krypton Structure, our Structural Engineers are happy to assist our clients undertake projects of any size.

All design work is undertaken or overseen by experienced Structural Engineers to ensure that the most economical and effective solution is provided and that the design is suitable for any necessary Building Regulations approval.

  • Loft Conversions
  • Building Extensions
  • Structural Alterations (Removal of walls, enlarging openings)
  • Refurbishment
  • Repairs and Strengthening
  • Retrospective calculations for works already complete
  • Retaining walls and landscaping
Structural Inspections
General Inspection

A general inspection is a through visual examination of all accessible areas of a property. The structural engineer will examine the visible area of the building's structure for defects including, walls, roofs, floor, supporting beams, and lintels. The engineer can also comment on drainage and landscape issues with the building.

The engineer will provide you with a detailed report of the structure detailing what problem, if any, exist and how to rectify them. We will also provide you with an estimated cost and if required we may acquire a quote for you.

Specific Inspections and Reports

A specific inspection is a through visual examination of a problem that may have been identified by a Chartered Surveyor, Building Contractor or a concerned property owner. Only the specific problem is looked into in detail and the report is tailored to detail these findings.

The report will focus on what the problem is and how to rectify it. We will also provide a guide to the costs and, if needed, we can acquire quotes for you. If any further investigation is needed we will assist you in what you need to do.

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